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Non-stick aluminum cookware

High-quality non-stick cookware made of aluminum is an excellent solution for those who are worried about their health and at the same time like to eat delicious food. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money or exclude your favorite dishes from the menu in order to eat less fatty or overcooked food. For this purpose, we have developed a "Lux" product line with internal non-stick coatings from the world's leading manufacturers of raw material - GREBLON, WHITFORD, AKZO NOBEL and the outer layer of our decorative and protective enamel.

Our braziers, cauldrons, pans, pots and other aluminum non-stick cookware combine several positive qualities at once:
- cast silumin alloy gives low weight and excellent thermal conductivity;
- non-stick coating ensures the preservation of useful substances;
- a layer of enamel adds beauty and protects against damage.
In addition, non-stick aluminum cookware minimizes the consumption of vegetable and animal fats, which is important for those who struggle with excess weight or have health problems. Due to the attractive appearance and excellent characteristics, these pans, goose cookers, pots and braziers are always in high demand.

Non-stick cookware from the manufacturer – the main types

Increased attention to health problems has led to the fact that cast non-stick cookware is always at the peak of popularity. That is why TM Silumin has developed several types of products at once, combining them into one "Lux" model:
- ordinary and Tatar cauldrons – practical tableware for home and outdoor holidays;
- goose and goulash dishes – the optimal solution for poultry and meat dishes;
- pots, pans and braziers – universal products for household use.
Modern production of aluminum non-stick cookware involves a combination of new technologies and certified materials. We use only special food grade silumin, certified inner coating and classic casting methods. When applying the inner layers of the non-stick, the spray method is used, which increases the resistance of the non-stick coating to abrasive action.

Cast non-stick cookware wholesale and retail

The products presented here are of high quality, easy to use, multifunctional and completely safe. Thanks to the outer layer of glass enamel, aluminum non-stick cookware from the manufacturer retains its original appearance for a long time, it is resistant to damage and is attractive.
If you need non-stick cookware wholesale, you need to fill out the form or contact us at the specified phone numbers. If you want to order sets or single copies, we invite you to visit our online store.