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Non-stick Tatar cauldrons

Our non-stick Tatar cauldrons are bought by people who know a lot about real food. According to professional chefs, a real fragrant Uzbek pilaff and many other dishes of the "eastern direction" can be prepared only in such dishes. National dishes have been formed for centuries, absorbing the recipes, principles and features of the local cuisine. Only a thorough and sincere approach to a comprehensive study of the culture of the East allowed us to develop a Tatar non-stick cauldron. You can cook in it both inside and outside, on the open fire. Pilaff, lagman, shurpa and other dishes have the real taste and unforgettable aroma, only if they prepared in such cookware.
Like other dishes of the "Lux" product line, the cauldrons presented here have two features: an internal non-stick coating from the world's leading manufacturers - GREBLON, WHITFORD, AKZO NOBEL and an external layer of glass enamel. The inner coating allows you to cook almost without oil and prevents overcooking of food and, consequently, the appearance of harmful substances, and glass enamel protects the cauldron from the outside. Thanks to its durability and decorative nature, non-stick Tatar cauldrons made of aluminum are always like new. Moreover, they decorate the kitchen and are easy to clean.

Non-stick Tatar cauldrons – special utensils

The unusual shape of this dish and its size exactly correspond to the traditions of cooking national dishes accepted in the East. Aluminum Tatar non-stick cauldrons have a flatter, rounded shape, which resembles the famous Chinese WOK pans, since the principle of rapid pre-frying is often used in both cuisines. However, unlike Chinese dishes, Middle Eastern dishes also require a long stew, so the thickness of the walls here is greater. In addition, the cauldrons have two pairs of cast handles, one of which has holes for additional mounting on a special stand over the fire. The stand can also be purchased from us. We offer non-stick Tatar cauldrons wholesale in three volumes - for 4, 6 and 12 liters. Each product must be equipped with an aluminum lid with a bakelite handle.

Cast Tatar non-stick cauldrons

Thanks to high-quality silumin, resistant non-stick coating, as well as authentic appearance, our Tatar non-stick cauldrons are in high demand not only among fans of Middle Eastern cuisine, but also among owners of cafes and restaurants and those who love outdoor holidays. You can order non-stick Tatar cauldrons wholesale by calling the phone numbers listed here, or filling out the form at the bottom of the page. If you want to buy individual products or select sets of dishes, we invite you to look into our online store.

Article Volume, L Diameter, mm Height, mm EAN code
ЛКТ12к 12,0 420 150 4820149870717
ЛКТ06к 6,0 330 120 4820149870724
ЛКТ04к 4,0 300 105 4820149870731