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Non-stick pots

The most necessary utensils in the kitchen are pots with a non-stick coating. If you care about the quality and preservation of the useful properties of food and like to pamper your family with delicious food, then such cookware must be in the kitchen.

Aluminum non-stick pans are a great reason to forget about burning and sticking food to the walls for a long time. After all, the main reason for this problem is the surface porosity of the material and its key characteristics, such as thickness. Non-stick coating from the world's leading manufacturers - GREBLON, WHITFORD, AKZO NOBEL makes it easy to solve this problem, providing all the necessary conditions, so the food cooked in our dishes does not burn and retains the maximum of useful substances. The layer is applied by spraying, which ensures the quality and durability of all our products. On the outside, each aluminum non-stick pan is covered with glass enamel, which protects it from mechanical and thermal damage, and also gives a special charm and a wonderful appearance

How to choose non-stick cast pans?

Experienced housewives know how difficult it is sometimes to find a really good pot. Therefore, if the result is important to you, you should pay attention to the issue of functionality. The aluminum non-stick pots presented here are divided into two types by design and purpose:
- "American" model - the simple shape and wide bottom of this dish provide optimal conditions for fast, equal heating. European and American dishes are well cooked in our utensils.
- "Asians" models are more voluminous and deep dishes designed for long-term heat treatment, such as stewing or simmering. Pans of this type are perfect for cooking pilaff, shurpa, as well as borscht, bograch, holubtsi (cabbage rolls), stewed potatoes and other dishes.

Non-stick pans wholesale

High quality, practical shapes and wide possibilities have made our products one of the most popular in Ukraine and abroad. Non-stick pans from the manufacturer are available for ordering in several sizes-from 2 to 10 liters. All of them perfectly keep the heat, provide equal heating and safety. If you need non-stick pans wholesale, you need to call us at the specified phone numbers or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. If you want to order several units, then we invite you to go to our online store.