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Granite-coated cookware

Pots, pans, cauldrons, goose cookers and other dishes with granite coating confidently win the hearts of lovers of delicious and healthy food. The reasons for such popularity and fashion are in three words: convenient, safe and delicious. In addition, the name itself – cast dishes with granite coating indicates reliability, durability, proven recipes and home comfort.

The key characteristic of the products of the "Granit" product line is the presence of a double-sided reinforced composite layer. This layer, in combination with the massive cast walls, provides the main advantages of the dish:
- high non-stick properties - food does not burn and does not require a lot of oil;
- coating resistance - aluminum cookware with granite coating is time-proof and resistant to damage;
- high thermal conductivity - the utensils heat up quickly and keep the temperature for a long time.
Dishes prepared in it have a bright natural taste, aroma and retain useful substances, and its strict dark gray color is suitable for any kitchen.

How is granite-coated aluminum cookware produced?

In order to understand why our products are superior to many other alternative types, let’s study its design. Industrial production of granite-coated cookware begins with the manufacture of a case made of food-grade silumin. So the future pot or cauldron gets a thickened bottom and walls, which means good thermal conductivity. Next, several layers of a special composite reinforced granite coating with high non-stick properties are applied to the prepared surface.
Due to the combination of these properties, the cookware with granite coating from the manufacturer copes equally well with fast roasting, and with long-term temperature treatment, that is, with stewing. On the other hand, the outer layer of granite allows you to use it in the oven and on all types of stoves (with the exception of induction stoves).

Aluminum cookware with granite coating – how to choose and order?

The ‘Granit’ product line developed by us is represented here by several types of products – these are pots and pans, cauldrons, as well as goose cookers and braziers. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the purpose, size, diameter of the bottom and functional features. If you need aluminum cookware with granite coating wholesale, you should fill out the form at the bottom of the page or just call us at the phone numbers listed here. If you want to purchase sets of dishes or individual products, then we invite you to visit our online store.