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Frying pans with granite coating

Practical pans with granite coating are needed in any kitchen. The properties of the granite coating allow you to preserve the maximum of useful substances and vitamins, prevent the appearance of harmful burnt food particles, and also affect the durability of cookware and give it a stylish, elegant appearance.

The main difference between the dishes of the "Granit" product line is a composite reinforced multilayer coating. Each aluminum pan with a granite coating consists of a cast aluminum body, which is coated with several layers of QUANTUM granite coating from the world-famous manufacturer WHITFORD. Thus, all the necessary properties of the materials are preserved: strength, high thermal conductivity, low weight and excellent non-stick characteristics. Such pans can be used for a variety of types of heat treatment. Cast cookware with granite coating is resistant to deformation and mechanical damage, looks new for a long time, is easy to clean and is great for regular use.

Aluminum pans with granite – how cookware is chosen?

The taste, quality and cooking time of the dish depend on the design, shape and operating characteristics of the kitchen utensils. This important issue is worth paying attention to, because our website presents granite pans from the manufacturer of three different types:
- with a flat bottom (up to 4 mm) - provides fast and equal heating. You can perfectly cook classic dishes of meat, eggs, vegetables, as well as pancakes, fish and potatoes with such cookware.
- with a flat thickened bottom (up to 6 mm) - this pan with a granite coating is universal and can be used for all major types of heat treatment of products. It keeps the temperature well and warms up equally.
- WOK pans are famous dishes in which you can quickly fry products for dishes of national Chinese cuisine. Its unusual shape is a consequence of an increase in the heating area. Each of the products presented here is equipped with an ergonomic bakelite handle and a standard close-fitting lid.

Cast pans with granite coating wholesale and retail

The monolithic structure of the natural coating, its strength and environmental friendliness make such cookware indispensable in any kitchen. Aluminum pans with granite from the manufacturer will be an excellent purchase for home cooking and for a cafe or restaurant. If you plan to order pans with granite coating wholesale, then you need to fill out the form or call us back at the specified phone numbers.