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Sturdy buckwheat porridge with stew

Kasha is the main food in the hike. And what can be more delicious than buckwheat with stew prepared on an open fire. For a 4 person portion we will need: Buckwheat-400 g Beef or pork stew - 1 can Onions, carrots - 1 pc. Salt, pepper - to taste. Tourist bowler - the main dishes for cooking. Still need a large spoon for stirring. We start to prepare: At least 2 times rinse the rump with water. We cut the carrot into rings, cut the onion into half rings. We hang a bowler over the fire, put a little fat on the bottom with stew. If the fat is low, you can melt some fat. When the fat warms up, pour carrot and a ray into it. All fry until the golden color of onions. We put the stew in the kettle, knead the lumps with a spoon or fork. After 5 minutes, pour buckwheat and add water 3-4 cm above the level of cereals. Solim, pepper to taste. It should be remembered that the stew is salty in itself. If desired, you can add a laurel in the porridge. When the water in the kettle boils, we remove the large logs along the edges. Porridge should not boil, but languish. Then it will be cooked evenly and will not burn. Cover the bowler with a lid and wait 20 minutes. You can brighten the waiting time by cutting greenery and preparing dishes. After 20 minutes, remove the lid, carefully mix the porridge. At the same time we try to make the stew and vegetables with the cereal evenly mixed. We try for salt, pepper and porridge readiness. If everything suits, remove the porridge from the fire, add greens, cover again and wait for 5-7 minutes. It is impossible to survive longer - the smell is incredible. We put it in plates and serve it to the table. Serve porridge with a vegetable salad. Vegetables to take with them (cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper) or buy as you go (cabbage, for example). If there is no stew, but the rest is boiled ear, buckwheat can be cooked on fish broth. Serve with slices of fish and greens