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The Lithuanian Kugel

A family dinner for the weekend is a holiday for all household members and a headache for the housewife. Sometimes over the Sunday menu, she guesses all week, because relatives certainly want to please something delicious. We offer to prepare a kugel - a traditional Lithuanian dish. The cup is cooked in the oven. For this purpose, a gusjatnica or enamelware for baking is best. We need: Potatoes - 2 kg; Milk - 1 glass; Pork drum - 300 g; Large bulb - 2 pcs .; Salt, pepper, spices, greens - to taste. We start to prepare: Cut the barrel and onion into large cubes. In a large frying pan fry the bacon until crisp squash and shift it with a noise on the paper towel. So all the excess fat is removed. On the remaining fat fry onions until golden brown. We rub potatoes on a small grater. If there is a harvester - fine. The best assistant can not be found. But our grandmothers did not have any harvesters, so the usual grater will help you. Heat the milk to a boil and pour it into the potato mass. If you do not do this - the potatoes are darker, and the cup will turn green. Although, it does not affect it in any way. Add in the potato dough cracklings and onions, from the heart to salt and pepper. The dough will turn out very liquid - it's not scary. You do not need to merge it, set it, or add something to thicken it. Conversely, you can not add any baking powder. All and so it will turn out insanely delicious. Pour the dough into a greased form. Do not cover the lid. Bake at a temperature of 180 degrees for at least an hour before a dense ruddy crust. It all depends on the thickness of the dough. Serve hot with sour cream and ketchup. Top with chopped dill, green onions. But it is better not to add spices. Important! Young potatoes for this recipe will not work. It does not contain starch and the dish will look like a liquid porridge. The amount of milk can be adjusted depending on the potato starch. But this comes with experience. Do you know what could be more delicious than a kugel? Yesterday's kugel, fried in a frying pan. Cold casserole keeps the shape perfectly. It should be cut into small pieces and fried over high heat. Casserole can even be taken with you on a hike or fishing. For warming up useful camping frying pan. She, like other goods for hunting or fishing, is always in the arsenal of real men. A dish turns really masculine - hearty and very tasty.