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Aluminum cauldrons

Only experienced chefs know that aluminum cauldrons are the best helpers in everything that concerns the first and second courses, as well as summer vegetable preparations. Indeed, such dishes are almost irreplaceable.
Aluminum cauldrons are the perfect solution for lovers of full meal and healthy home-cooked food. They are perfectly used for stewing vegetables, meat, poultry, cooking soups, lechos and all kinds of stews and sautées. And anyone who has ever tried to cook buckwheat thanks to this home assistant will never use other dishes, because the porridge turns out very light and crumbly. However, this is not all the possibilities of such utensils, because they are often used for cooking pilaff, lamian, shurpa and other dishes of Eastern cuisine.

Classic aluminum cauldrons – the main advantages

Kitchen utensils of this type have a standard, familiar to almost everyone design, which fully meets the set goals. The low weight of the silumin alloy gives maximum convenience during usage - aluminum cauldrons weigh much less than cast iron analogues, so they can be taken on hikes and trips. A smooth, thickened bottom, thick walls and a tight-fitting lid ensure equal, smooth heating and preservation of useful substances. Thanks to the protective layer of aluminum oxide, food does not burn, and the rounded shape, tight lid allow you to install them directly in the oven.                          
All aluminum cauldrons from the manufacturer have a spherical lid with a heat-resistant handle, which further increases the functionality of the products.

Aluminum cauldrons by wholesale - main types

Our website presents a universal shaped range, including two main models with small functional differences: universal cauldrons and Tatar cauldrons. The production of aluminum cauldrons involves the use of casting, while we use only high-quality food silumin. It provides our products with excellent functionality and environmental friendliness. The safety of the dishes is confirmed by the state sanitary and hygienic certificates and certificates of conformity. 
If you need aluminum cauldrons by wholesale or in small batches, a wide range of sizes is available for ordering. The smallest containers (article BK02) have a volume of 2 liters, and the largest -100 liters (article BK100). Based on the presented table, you can choose and order dishes of the required volume and size.

Article Volume, L Diameter, mm Height, mm EAN code
БК100 100,0 650 453 4820149872544
БК50 50,0 500 367 4820149872551
БК25 25,0 420 258 4820149870014
БК15 15,0 390 195 4820149870021
БК12 12,0 330 195 4820149870038
БК10 10,0 300 190 4820149870045
БК08 8,0 280 172 4820149870052
БК06 6,0 260 155 4820149870069
БК04 4,0 240 120 4820149870076
БК03 3,0 220 104 4820149870083
БК02 2,0 185 96 4820149870090