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Aluminum cookware without coating

If you need universality, simplicity and comfort, then aluminum cookware without coating by TM ‘Silumin’ will be the best solution. The "Classic" product line offers the widest range of products, and you will easily find here roasters, pots, pans, cauldrons and other products with one common characteristic – they are made of cast food-grade aluminum of the highest quality, without any coating.

Aluminum cookware without coating is always in high demand and stable popularity. The fact is that it fully demonstrates all the positive qualities of aluminum. Regardless of the volume and size, all pots, pans, roasters and ladles are light, easy to use, and, importantly, they are cheap. The presence of a dense oxide film on the surface makes them resistant to interaction with food or aggressive substances. Due to the thick walls and high-quality alloy, the uncoated cast cookware presented on our website is excellent for cooking on the stove, in the oven and on an open fire, which is quite difficult to do using utensils made of other materials.
High-quality aluminum cookware without coating, suitable for both daily cooking and culinary experiments. The key feature of such kitchen utensils is the combination of good thermal conductivity and sufficiently thick walls and bottom, which ensures a long and equal heating. As a result, soups, roasts, stewed meat and vegetables, as well as fish and poultry dishes acquire an exquisite, soft and juicy taste, the food almost does not burn.

Aluminum cookware without coating wholesale is the main product range

Cheap, useful and easy to keep kitchen utensils are in demand everywhere. It is bought both for commercial use in restaurants, cafes, canteens and for home cooking. Moreover, it is a perfect gift. The main selection criteria in these cases is typically the shape, volume and purpose of the products. If you order uncoated aluminum cookware from the manufacturer on our website, you can choose the following types of products:
- ordinary cauldrons, Tatarian cauldrons and manty cauldrons;
- pots and ladles;
- frying and roasting pans;
- covered pans for roasting geese and pans for goulash.
If you need uncoated aluminum cookware by wholesale, you need to fill out the form below and our managers will contact you, or just call us back at the phone numbers listed here.