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Potbelly ovens

The compact potbelly oven is a practical heating and cooking equipment that successfully combines several useful functions. In addition to quick heating of the room, it can be used for cooking and heating water in the country, in the garage or during camping. Due to the low cost, efficiency and additional functionality, camping potbelly ovens from the manufacturer can easily replace the fireplace and stove at the same time.
The convenience and functionality of these ovens can be easily explained with the help of basic technical characteristics: they quickly warm up, thanks to the double circuit they have a high heat transfer, they are undemanding to the type and quality of fuel, they are small, do not need special installation and work directly "out of the box". The small weight of the stove allows you to use it on the street or in the yard for cooking, as well as in the house – for heating. Before installation in the room, it is necessary to lay a sheet of non-flammable material on the floor.

Camping potbelly ovens - design features

High-quality rolled steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm is used in the production of this utensil; all seams are fastened with a welded joint in accordance with the accepted technological and GOST standards. The single-tier potbelly oven is a horizontally arranged cylindrical body with two doors and locks. The lower part is used as a blowout and is responsible for the intensity of the flame. Then, the Grate firing and a burner with a chimney are placed above it.  The heat circulating inside the case allows you to use the top of the stove as a cooking surface. Thanks to this, the tourist potbelly oven can be used for fast cooking or heating water. The BR Tr model is additionally equipped with 3 pipes, each 1 meter long. The preferred type of fuel is coal, firewood, and fuel briquettes.

Tourist potbelly ovens wholesale and retail – how to order?

Combining several functions at once, the potbelly ovens are economical in terms of fuel consumption, have high efficiency, and their setting up, installation and ignition can be carried out in just a few minutes. You can heat a room with an area of about 50-60 square meters with the help of such equipment.
If you want to buy potbelly ovens wholesale, you need to contact us at the specified phone numbers or fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and if you want to buy individual products, then we invite you to our online store.

Article Size, mm Tubes Weight, kg Material, thickness, mm EAN code
БРЖтр 350х420х550 3 pcs x 1.0 m 21,2 black sheet metal, 1,5 4820149874036
БРЖ 350х420х550 no 14.8 black sheet metal, 1,5 4820149874005