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Stove pots with an external coating

Bright and elegant stove pots with an outer coating of glass enamel will decorate any kitchen. Among all the representatives of the "Slavic Oven" product line this is the most beautiful and useful cookware. It can be used for cooking dishes in the oven, on an open fire and at the same time serve as a decoration for a festive table or interior. However, the main use of such utensils is cooking in the traditional folk style.
The oven pot with an external coating is suitable for cooking a wide variety of dishes, ranging from soups and shchi (Russian cabbage soup) to milk porridge and stew. The main feature of these products is the presence of a protective and decorative layer of glass enamel. The method of low-temperature enameling allows you to apply an external coating layer that is resistant to mechanical and temperature influences. It gives the dishes an elegant look, protects them from damage, and ensures high-quality and safe cooking. Our dishes are easy to clean and retain their refined appearance for a long time. By the way, SILUMIN is the only company in Ukraine that has fully mastered the coating of cast aluminum alloys with heat-resistant glass enamel.

Coated aluminum oven pots – shape and range

All the products presented here are made by casting from food-grade silumin alloy. Durable and lightweight, it provides cast oven pots with a high thermal conductivity coating, warms up quickly and keeps heat well. Their recognizable shape with a thickened narrow bottom and a wide middle part allows you to distribute the temperature evenly and helps you easily get the pot out of the oven with an oven fork. The main principle of cooking in the Slavic oven is simmering at low temperatures, which gives the finished dishes a famous taste and ensures the preservation of useful properties and vitamins.
The oven pot with an outer coating of glass enamel of small volume can be used for portioned cooking of dishes, and larger ones – for a large company, for cooking stews, soups, and fluffy porridges. Based on this, we expanded the main range, and developed several sizes of these dishes at once, starting from 0.75 and up to 6 liters.

Oven pots with coating wholesale and retail – how to order?

Dishes of this type can be used both at home and in the kitchens of public catering establishments. If you need aluminum oven pots with a coating, then we offer you to choose products from the range presented here, fill out the form or call us back at the specified phone numbers.

Article Volume, L Diameter max, mm Diameter of spout,mm Height, mm EAN code
ЭП06к 6,0 265 200 168 4820149871639
ЭП04к 4,0 225 175 156 4820149871646
ЭП2,5к 2,5 195 155 130 4820149871653
ЭП1,5к 1,5 165 130 120 4820149871660
ЭП0,75к 0,75 130 130 90 4820149871677
ЛП0,75к 0,75 130 130 90 4820149872803