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Aluminum baking pans for bread

Light and useful aluminum baking pans for bread are classic utensils, they will successfully replace analogues made of other materials and will be an excellent alternative to bread makers. It is no secret that many housewives and catering establishments prefer to bake their own homemade or branded bread. This solution has many advantages, and the quality of the cooked loaves is pleasantly surprising. Crisp, fresh and flavorful, they are significantly different from the standard products from the store. If you try real homemade bread at least once, you will love it forever.

We offer baking pans for bread from the manufacturer of the classic rectangular shape. They are made by casting from food-grade silumin alloys. The high quality of the metal and the exact compliance with all production standards ensures our products excellent usage. They quickly warm up, thick cast walls keep the heat well, the dough rises well, does not burn, but at the same time forms a crisp, appetizing crust.

Cast baking pans for bread – the main types of utensils

The right choice of utensils allows you to simplify the baking of bread and bakery products significantly, and get the desired result almost from the first time. We produce two types of aluminum baking pans for bread: 
- uncoated - these are simple dishes made of aluminum, the surface of which is protected by an oxide film. They make excellent loaves with a fragrant golden crust.
- coated - the inner part of such dishes is covered with non-stick coatings from the world's leading manufacturers of this raw material - GREBLON, WHITFORD, AKZO NOBEL. This pans for baking bread provides ideal conditions for heat treatment and preservation of useful substances.
The linear dimensions of 21x10 cm allow you to install several baking pans in the oven or oven at once, and the high strength of the aluminum alloy allows you to use them for a long time.

How baking pans for bread are ordered wholesale or retail?

Cookware for baking from a domestic manufacturer is always a success. High-quality metal, standard sizes allow you to prepare excellent homemade bread easily, because the dough always rises and is baked well in them. The products are versatile and can be used both at home and in public catering establishments. In order to buy cast baking pans for bread wholesale, you need to call us back or fill out a contact form. If you want to buy individual products, then we invite you to look into the online store.