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Fishing Goods

Fishing is not only a chance to replenish the stock of fresh and tasty fish, but a wonderful opportunity to have some time outdoors, cook flavorful fish soup or barbeque, enjoy beauty of ponds and rivers. Various Silumin fishing goods will help you make this leisure time even more enjoyable and relaxed. Thus, with well-sized fish scalers you will be able to cook just caught fish straight away and appreciate culinary talents of a fisher.

Have the best fish soup with Silumin cookware!

What can be better than a fish soup steaming in a pot on an open fire? A reliable camp tripod will help you conveniently arrange and handle position of a pot. Made from thick steel rod, it is able to hold even 4L pot, which means that it allows satisfying appetites of rather big warm company.   
Anchors will also come in handy in an important cruise, because sometimes we just have a burning desire to leave a pond’s shore and swim away on its calm waters. In this case you cannot do without a durable cast iron anchor, because it is the one thing that allows secure mooring to the best fishery and have a record haul.

Protection of cookware

All the fishing goods that you have will be securely protected, and not only by special-purpose covers. Depending on quantity of items in use they can have different sizes, but always perfect quality. Reliable stitches and waterproofing allow keeping appearance and condition of fishing goods safe and sound even under pouring rain, and placing big amount of appliances maximally compactly. 
Particularly, a smoker will find its place in the cover too. If you want to truly surprise your fellow fishers and family members that eagerly wait for you at home, be sure to take one or two-leveled compact smoker with you. Among all the accompanying fishing goods it has not the last place, but rather a place of honor in the first row! With it you can cook a true fine course, and extend storage time of wholesome and tasty fish. And this list of Silumin tourist goods is nowhere near full. Our range of products includes helpful smalls and quality grills, skewers for barbeque and other equipment that surely will be needed for outdoors cooking. 

Have a good fishing trip and nice time off outdoors!