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Tourist Goods

Outdoors activities rarely go without traditional barbecue or flavorful fish soup. It is pretty tricky to cook it without a cookware and appliances, designed specifically for outdoors cooking, which was proved more than once by keen tourists and travelers. Before going for a picnic you should take care of necessary goods for camping.

Silumin LLC offers a wide range of tourist goods:

  •  Smokers for outdoors hot smoking;
  •  Camp tripods for camp pots;
  •  Various outdoors grills for barbecue;
  •  Pouches for grills, camp pots and smokers;
  •  Various accessorizes (specifically, skewers for kebabs, set of pegs for tents, cutting boards for fish with a clip, cast fish scaler, canteen in a pouch, pioneer spade, Hall’s anchor).

For enthusiasts of backpacking and camping we have set of pegs for camp tents and a pioneer spade for arrangement of place for a cookout. This set will come handy to everybody planning to spend some leisure time outdoors, whatever that be fishing or hunting. If you go fishing, you will definitely need fishing goods, and among them cutting board for fish and cast fish scaler.   

Outdoor picnic by the fire is such an enjoyable way to have some leisure time. Naturally, you have to be set for it and have all the necessary tourist goods. Thus, having an outdoor grill, you can vary your picnic menu with excellent kebabs (we offer skewers for that). A smoker helps evaluate quality of fishing trophies. By the way, we offer essential pouches for transportation and storage of camp pots, smokers and grills.

However, if you spend your leisure time outdoors and are planning on having a break from hunting, you will need our hunting goods.

You can buy goods for camping and outdoor activities by the phone, just give us a call to numbers on out contacts page. Of course you can buy tourist goods in Kyiv as well as in other regions in Ukraine. 

We are absolutely sure that you will love our products!

Campfire Tripods Campfire Tripods

Smoker Smoker

Smokers for outdoor hot smoking

Grills Grills

Various grills for outdoors kebabs cooking

Pouches for camp pots, smokers, grills Pouches for camp pots, smokers, grills

Pouches for camp pots, saucepans, outdoors grills, smokers, made from robust water-proof thick polyester fiber

Necessary smalls Necessary smalls

Anchors Anchors