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Nowadays healthy lifestyle and healthy eating, as its foundation, become more and more popular. 

Steamed food, traditionally, the classic element of main diets, is in line with this trend in the best way possible.

Steamed food keeps all its precious nutrients, richness, natural taste and color.

This way of cooking is used since ancient time in different cultures.  Surprisingly, some dishes from these cultures went thorough ages and became habitual in our daily diet, on festive tables, and restaurant menus.    

One of these dishes is mantu. It is an oriental dish from minced meat with onions and vegetables, wrapped in dough in a special way. Mantu are steamed in a specific cookwareЧa pot for mantu which is nothing but multi-level steamer.  

This thing has a lot of names, for instance, a pot for mantu, a steamer for mantu, but it is not that important, because they all are meant to be used for cooking of mantu.

If you do not know, what is mantu; it just means that you do not know how to cook it! It is no secretЧall you need is a pot for mantu and an original recipe that you can find on the Recipes page of our web-site.

We have studied various pots and steamers for mantu and developed optimally functional model that may be successfully used at home, on a professional kitchen of a restaurant or outdoors. 

Our pot for mantu is easy to assemble, disassemble and wash. It is highly hermitic which provides even steam passage through all the levels and creates an ideal temperature and humidity conditions for cooking. 

Our item is a worthy competitor of such famous trademarks as Vinzer and Berghoff. Believe us, or even betterЧcheck it, that Silumin steamer for mantu is a high-end product that satisfies even the most sophisticated demands of both professional chefs and foodies!

Silumin Cookware: eat healthy, stay healthy!




A pot for mantu of 8L capacity in a standard version is completed with 8L body, 4 levels and a lid, but its design allows using any number or levels, including all four, to feed all your guests with mantu! Tried in Bishkek! It may also be completed with additional levels by clientТs request.

As of now this product is one-of-a-kind on the market of cast aluminum cookware!