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A few words about a camp pot

Perhaps, any long-awaited outing cannot go without cooking, whether it's a fish soup, chorba, porridge, rice pilaf, or just smoky strong tea. Open flame of campfire, crackling firewood, magic of the moment, and anticipation of something incomparable and tasty leaves a lasting impression for a very long time and fill our souls with joy of life.

Of course, for one reason or another, today an outdoors bonfire can be replaced by handy and modern gas or petrol primus, alcohol lamp, tripod, and you can also easily buy any cooking utensils you want. But sometimes it is difficult to make a right choice, to give preference to something more practical, durable, handy, and affordable at the same time. Organization of an outdoors kitchen depends on many factors: number of persons, their age and taste preferences, season, geographic area, weather and much more.

Here are our recommendations for the practicality of camp cookware in comparative terms. Of course, it is you who makes the final choice. 

The most pressing issue is the safety of cookware. In fact, sometimes it is really hard to understand a flow of inconsistent information regarding what is harmful to our health, and what is good for us.

Metallic cookware is produced from aluminum, steel, iron, copper alloys, and may have various types of coatings. 

Cookware made from iron (steel, cast iron, enameled or uncoated) is hygienic, durable, has high chemical resistance, but its decent weight and vulnerability to external influences (rusting, chipping of enamel because of temperature difference) conceal its advantages.

Stainless steel cookware is free from these downsides, but because of small thickness of metal (usually not more than 1 mm) sometimes it is just impossible to cook some dishes of our national cuisine by the book, so to speak.

Aluminum and its food-grade alloys are one of the most widely used cookware materials. Excellent thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance, low weight, easy maintenancethis list of their advantages is far from full. Aluminum is a fairly active element. But, oddly enough, this characteristic is the basis of environmental friendliness and safety of aluminum cookware. Its surface is always covered with a dense oxide film, which is a reliable protection against external influences. Due to this characteristic aluminum cookware has another advantageit allows keeping vitamins in cooked food. Wide circulation of aluminum products in household use makes sanitary services monitor the effect of aluminum on human health. Scientific studies show that even with repeated and daily cooking in aluminum cookware, the amount of aluminum ingested with food is negligible and amounts to 1.7 mg per day, while the maximum tolerated dose, defined by the World Health Organization, is 60 mg per day. Probably, each of us can recall that since the days of the Soviet Union, almost all mass catering establishments: diners, summer camps, hospitals, schools, to this day are supplied with mostly aluminum cookware.

Here we must make a significant emphasis: on its hygienic properties food aluminum and its alloys are significantly different from their technical analogues, used in industry, and though outwardly they may look virtually identical. Therefore, when buying aluminum cookware from retail network, be sure to ask for documents that can prove origin and safety of this cookware, such as: certificates of conformity to established standards, and sanitary-hygienic conclusions certifying that this cookware has passed all the required tests.

It is equally important to choose the right shape, number and volume of outdoors cookware to kill two birds with one stone: have a compact staking, optimal weight, and enough capacity. And even if you plan to travel by car, you still have to solve this problem. Eventually, for each person you have to have 1.5-2 liters of cookware. Also, it is a good idea to have at least two or, preferably, three different items of cookware for the first, second, and third courses respectively. Another question is how to deal with this amount of dishes? We have already solved this problem for you! For instance, for a group of 4-5 persons you need 8L camp pot (for soup), 6L camp pot (for porridge or rice pilaf) and 2 or 3L (for tea). These pots are put into one another like a nest doll, and while the innermost serves as reliable and durable container for bulk products (remember the eternal problem: where to put sugar or rice and not to spill them when a bag is torn). And in order not to clean the dishes at each stopping-place, we strongly recommend special pouches made from reliable waterproof material thick polyester. In such pouches camp cookware can be conveniently carried in a backpack and transported in a car without getting other things dirty. This is a classic option.

But we can already hear the dissatisfaction of some readers who before a serious expedition tend to count each and every gram of their luggage (boaters, kayakers, climbers...). Cast aluminum pot is all good, but is still heavy for such cases. Rest reassured, we are not wasting our time. Given the ever-growing demand, the immediate goal of our company is to start production of lightweight analogues of cast cookwarea range of camp pots made from aluminum sheets using a method of stamping. With 1.5-2.5 mm wall thickness and will not lose much in terms of durability, but all the problems with weight of cookware will definitely be solved!

And we have to say a little more about small but important details. We always make an effort to be sure that our products are not only practical and handy, but also good-looking. Making a purchase of our products, be surethey are safe! Before going to mass production, each item is tested for more than thirty characteristics. Metal bows are made for a triple load of a full item, and they are neatly stacked on a rim of a pot for easy transportation. You can never get a cut from an edge of a pot because each unit is thoroughly processed and smoothed; forget about burns if suddenly you need to urgently remove a lid so that your soup wouldnt boil over. A lid is firm but easily taken off, and the accessories are made from heat-resistant phenolic that easily withstands temperatures up to 500 , and at the same time never overheats during normal use. And if you buy a pot with outer glass-enamel coating, you can once and for all forget that nagging feelingwhat if it is you who is going to wash it? Specially developed silicate glass enamel coating for cast aluminum alloys, which is in physical and chemical bond with the surface layer of metal, is unaffected by open fire and may be washed with literally any detergent, so that you have not a pot blackened with soot, but the same elegant, colorful and attractive one.

Specifically for connoisseurs of fine outdoor cuisine, we have established a range of camp cookware not only with outer glass-enamel coating, but also with internal non-stick finish. Skandia coating from Italian company AKZO NOBEL is extremely resistant to mechanical loads, but even so, of course, we still recommend that you use non-metallic objects with it. To particularly demanding customers we are ready to offer a range of heat and impact-resistant glass lids to go with camp pots, in order to observe the divine process of a pike-perch in Venetian sauce cooking. In a word, we offer sophisticated cookware for foodies and satisfy every whim, so to speak!

In conclusion, we would like to note that our "TOURISM" production line includes not only cookware adapted for outdoor cooking, but also a number of accessories to go with it. Among them are reliable campfire tripods, grills, various skewers, smokers, canteens, fish scalers and cutting boards, a variety of convenient pouches, pegs for tents and awnings, lead fishing sinkers, etc. A variety of shapes and types of products will fulfill wishes of any company.

With every stage of development, our company, using the latest technology, makes an effort to improve our products for optimal combination of high quality, style, and reasonable price. And your support, valuable comments, recommendations, and suggestions are invaluable to us. 

We thank you so much for your interest in our company and products!